IPPNY Statement on Recommended Decision Issued in Champlain Hudson Power Express Article VII Proceeding


Albany, NY 12/28/12 - Throughout the Article VII Transmission line siting proceeding at the Public Service Commission, the Independent Power Producers of New York, Inc. (IPPNY) established that the Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE) project is not needed for system reliability, does not address existing transmission constraints, is uneconomic (meaning its costs will exceed its anticipated benefits) and does not advance several important state policy goals, including creating in-state jobs and promoting in-state renewable resources. Through expert economic analysis, IPPNY clearly demonstrated that the project, if certified, will ultimately prove detrimental to New York's consumers and to the state as a whole.

IPPNY President & CEO Gavin J. Donohue said that, "while we are disappointed that the Administrative Law Judges in the case did not follow a number of our recommendations, we are glad we had the opportunity to put our findings of the project's shortcomings into the public record. We are hopeful that the Public Service Commission will see the merits of our arguments, modify this wrongheaded recommended decision, and do what's best for the consumers of New York State."




The Independent Power Producers of New York, Inc. (IPPNY) is an Albany-based trade association representing the competitive power supply industry in New York State. IPPNY Members generate approximately 75 percent of New York's electricity using a wide variety of generating technologies and fuels including hydro, nuclear, wind, coal, oil, natural gas and biomass.  

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