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Legislative Memos

Memorandum in Opposition - S.5939-A (Ramos) / A.6761-A (Mamdani)

IPPNY opposes S.5939-A (Ramos) / A.6761-A (Mamdani). As drafted, this bill may jeopardize the electric power supply reserve margins that are needed to maintain electric system reliability. Importantly, the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), which is the entity in charge of maintaining reliability, repeatedly has indicated resource adequacy margins are tightening across the New York grid from Buffalo to Long Island, and reliability margins are thinning as soon as 2023. This looming reliability problem is further exacerbated by the requirements of Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) for electrification of the State’s economic sectors, the growth of intermittent resources, and the lack of needed energy storage capability and of new transmission facilities. Additional reliable sources of electricity supply will be essential to support this massive increase in electricity demand.

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Gavin Donohue's Written Statement on the Climate Action Council Draft Scoping Plan

IPPNY’s Gavin Donohue provided written feedback on an initial version of the Draft Scoping Plan and has issued a statement on the top tier issues within the draft Plan. In terms of areas of concern for which additional Council resolution is needed, the statement emphasizes the importance of having the finalized Plan ensure energy reliability and consumer affordability. The statement also commends the State for finally beginning a robust discussion of the NYISO’s carbon pricing proposal, upon which it long has been silent.

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Press Releases

IPPNY Statement on Danskammer Energy Title V Permit Appeal

Today, Danskammer Energy requested an appeal to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) on their decision to deny their Title V Permit for the Danskammer Energy Center located in Newburgh, New York. As part of the administrative review process, Danskammer has the right to appeal DEC’s decision.

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