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NYISO’S System & Resource Outlook Report Identifies New York’s Path to Achieving Climate Goals

Albany, NY – Today, the NYISO published its 2021-2040 System and Resource Outlook (The Outlook) which sheds light on two important topics. The first is how the NYISO will need to keep the grid reliable while moving towards the CLCPA mandates. The cases that meet the CLCPA mandates show a significant percentage of the fuel mix is coming from Dispatchable Emission Free Resources (DEFR), a resource type that has not been identified. Without this widespread use of DEFRs by 2035, the NYISO warns that New York might have to utilize out-of-state generation to meet reliability safeguards. This underscores the importance of the New York Public Service Commission to address the concerns raised in IPPNY’s Zero Emission Petition. The second part of the report identifies Renewable Generation Pockets, highlighting where there will likely be transmission constraints with the buildout of more renewable energy. All sectors will have to work together in increasing transmission lines, developing in-state generation, and most of all maintaining reliability.

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Press Releases

Energy, Business, and Labor Groups in Agreement on Seven Principles to Responsibly Advance New York State’s Climate and Energy Goals

IPPNY, The Business Council of New York State, New York State AFL-CIO, and Building & Construction Trades Council Announce Realistic, Achievable Joint Roadmap to Meet CLCPA Goals

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Legislative Memos

Written Testimony of Gavin J. Donohue - Role of State Authorities in Renewable Energy Development

Thank you, Chair Paulin, Chair Cusick, and Chair Englebright for the opportunity to testify before you today. The topic of today’s hearing is examining the role of State authorities in facilitating the development of renewable energy to meet the goals of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA). When this hearing was first announced in June by Speaker Heastie, the purpose was to get additional public input about the Build Public Renewables Act, A.1466-D (Carroll) / S.6453-C (Parker), and to solicit testimony to help guide the development of a sound and sustainable approach to meeting the CLCPA’s goals.

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