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Gavin J. Donohue
President & CEO

Mr. Donohue oversees all activities of the association on behalf of the Board of Directors and member companies (i.e. lobbying, public relations, regulatory, legislative and executive policy, and administration). 

Email: gavin@ippny.org

Bio of Gavin Donohue

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Radmila Miletich
Director, Legislative & Environmental Policy

Ms. Miletich assists the President & CEO in lobbying before the Executive Branch and the New York State Legislature. She is responsible for managing IPPNY's involvement in State environmental proceedings, representing IPPNY's membership at stakeholder meetings, and coordinating the development and submittal of written comments related to the implementation of the State's environmental programs. Ms. Miletich also is responsible for identifying and monitoring State legislation and provisions of the New York State Budget, preparing and submitting position memos to New York State Legislature, and developing and drafting legislative initiatives that benefit IPPNY Members. 

Email: radmila@ippny.org

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Richard Bratton
Director, Market Policy & Regulatory Affairs 

Mr. Bratton is responsible for monitoring proceedings at the New York Independent System Operator, the New York State Reliability Council, the New York Public Service Commission, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and preparing written communications to, and building consensus among and advocating on behalf of, a diverse membership of merchant generators concerning the development of public and regulatory policies related to the market design and rules affecting the wholesale electric power system in New York. 

Email: richard.bratton@ippny.org

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Jordan Lomaestro
Communications Manager

Mr. Lomaestro manages the day-to-day internal and external communications of IPPNY. He works with the President & CEO to develop and implement a public relations strategy, as well as, plan and execute special communications projects such as the annual membership directory, whitepapers, and association publications. 

Email: jordan.lomaestro@ippny.org


Madeline Spath
Association and Events Manager

Ms. Spath performs numerous duties for IPPNY. She oversees financial record keeping and budget development, manages internal office operations, and manages IPPNY conference and events planning, among many other tasks.

Email: madeline.spath@ippny.org 


Hannah Liscomb
Administrative Assistant

Ms. Liscomb assists the President and CEO and IPPNY staff on everyday tasks and manages workflow to ensure that deadlines are met. She assists with legislative tracking, event planning and execution, the annual membership directory, and website content management, among many other tasks. 

Email: hannah.liscomb@ippny.org