IPPNY Supports Governor Cuomo's Increased Energy Investment in New York State

IPPNY Supports Governor Cuomo’s Increased Energy Investment in New York State

Albany, N.Y., 1/4/12 - The Independent Power Producers of New York, Inc. (IPPNY) commends Governor Andrew M. Cuomo for recognizing the vital role of energy and infrastructure improvement as it relates to economic development in New York State.

The energy industry in New York already has invested above $10 billion in power facilities, employs over 10,000 workers, contributes in excess of $600 million in taxes, and provides more than $50 million in community benefits.  IPPNY supports the state’s existing generation resources and the development of new projects in a competitive environment that will increase reliability and fuel diversity.  Keeping the high-paying jobs, taxes and community support that come from IPPNY’s members should be a key strategy for the state, and we are pleased that the Governor has recognized this.

IPPNY President & CEO Gavin J. Donohue said that this significant focus upon developing energy infrastructure will provide a multitude of benefits for electric system reliability and economic development.  “While New York has a robust and sophisticated power grid and adequate resources for the foreseeable future, we must work to ensure that a diversity of in-state power supplies are generated and transmitted to where they will be used.  Governor Cuomo has recognized this need, and I applaud his commitment to investment in energy infrastructure so that New York residents and businesses can continue to function at a high level in a vibrant economy.”  

Governor Cuomo had laid the groundwork for energy investment in his Power NY Act last year, which included a renewed Article 10 law for power plant siting and repowering, ensuring that approvals are done in a coordinated and comprehensive manner within 12 months.  Implemented without an expiration date, this statute provides regulatory certainty for investment going forward.  IPPNY supports Governor Cuomo’s renewed commitment to the repowering of power plants and the development of additional and diverse generation in New York State as the need arises.


The Independent Power Producers of New York, Inc. (IPPNY) is an Albany-based trade association representing the competitive power supply industry in New York State. IPPNY Members generate over 75 percent of New York's electricity using a wide variety of generating technologies and fuels including hydro, nuclear, wind, coal, oil, natural gas and biomass. 


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