Terms and Conditions

Exhibitors will be provided an 8' x 10' booth area with one 8' draped table, a 7’’ x 40 ‘’ exhibitor sign, 2 chairs, a wastebasket, and electricity (if requested). Access to an electrical outlet must be requested. You will be responsible for your own display and the ordering and cost of any additional items such as audio/visual equipment, telephones, and Internet access. Please indicate on the enclosed Exhibit Request Form the size and type of display you would like to exhibit. Upon receiving the form, a Showcase Coordinator will contact you to discuss your plans.

Electrical distribution will be ordered by and paid for by the Exhibitors using the order form in the decorator package. Distribution of electrical power will be done by the Albany Capital Center. Exhibitors not ordering electrical services when required will not have access to electrical outlets.

The exhibitors assume full responsibility and liability for losses, damages, and claims arising out of injury to persons or damage to the Exhibitor’s displays, equipment, or property brought upon the premises of the convention center. Exhibitors further agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Independent Power Producers of New York, Inc. (IPPNY) and the Albany Capital Center and its owners, servants, agents and employees against all claims or expenses for such losses, including reasonable attorney’s fees arising out of the use of the premises excluding any liability caused by the negligence of IPPNY, the Capital Center or its owners, servants, agents, and employees. Exhibitors also understand that neither IPPNY nor the convention center maintains insurance covering the Exhibitor’s property or lost revenue and it is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor to obtain such insurance. Security is not provided on premise. Exhibitors must arrange for the safety of their own equipment and should not leave items of value unattended.

All exhibitors are responsible for the shipment of their showcase materials to and from the conference center. Exhibitors are responsible for the set-up, tear-down, staffing their exhibit, drayage, packing and return shipping costs and removal of exhibit materials from the conference center. Upon receipt of your registration, detailed shipping information and exhibitor instruction forms will be provided to you by the Showcase Coordinator and the exhibits company, Total Events, LLC. Please call Madeline Spath at (518) 436-3749 if you have any questions or concerns.

The official decorator and rental company for the Energy and the Environment Showcase is Total Events, LLC. Request forms for showcase space decorating will be sent to exhibitors upon receipt of registration. Requests for information concerning special equipment, labor and drayage should be directed to Total Events, LLC (Show Coordinator) at 518-383-8602.

All cancellations and/or requests must be made in writing to IPPNY. No refunds will be made after April 24, 2023.