Memorandum in Support - S.8327-A (Kennedy) / A.3768-A (Cusick)

S.8327-A (Kennedy)/ A.3768-A (Cusick) -AN ACT to amend the public service law, in relation to net energy metering for fuel-flexible linear generator electric generating equipment

The Independent Power Producers of New York, Inc. (IPPNY) is a trade association 
representing companies involved in the competitive power supply industry in New York State 
and in the development of electric generating facilities, the generation, sale, and marketing of electric power, and the development of natural gas transmission facilities. IPPNY Member companies produce the majority of New York's electricity, utilizing hydro, nuclear, wind, natural 
gas, solar, energy storage, biomass, oil, and waste-to-energy. 

IPPNY supports S.8327-A (Kennedy)/ A.3768-A (Cusick). The bill would add fuel-flexible 
linear electric generating equipment to the provisions of the Net Metering Program and within 
the definition of alternate energy production facility in the Public Service Law. New York 
previously has provided parity-recognition for this technology relative to similarly beneficial clean energy alternatives by updating State law to add fuel-flexible linear generators to the list of equipment eligible for Sales Tax and Real Property Tax relief. 

This legislation would promote the State's economy by fostering more investment opportunities 
in innovative, fuel-flexible linear generators and increasing the reliability, resiliency, and power quality of the State's electric grid, all while aiding the achievement of the State's goals. Fuel­flexible technology to reduce emissions is needed now more than ever. Similar to fuel cells, fuel­flexible linear generators produce on-site electricity with high efficiency and near-zero emissions, and they can be powered by any renewable fuel including hydrogen and biogas. The full dispatchability (i.e., fully flexible output) of linear generator technology makes it a complement to, and enabler of, solar and wind resources by prioritizing the output of such intermittent renewables first and simply filling in gaps. Additionally, fostering investment in linear generators would assist with the deployment of distributed generation and the development of microgrids. 

For the reasons stated above, IPPNY supports S.8327-A (Kennedy)/ A.3768-A (Cusick).

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